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Battenkill Veterinary was started as a mixed animal practice in a trailer home in Middle Falls , NY in the late 1970ís.   In the early 1990's, after much growth, the veterinarians started to concentrate on particular species.  There were veterinarians doing mostly cattle while others did horses and others did dogs and cats.  In 1994, the practice split into 3 corporations; Battenkill Veterinary, PC, a small animal practice, Battenkill Veterinary Equine, PC, an equine practice and Battenkill Veterinary Bovine, PC, our   food animal practice.   All these businesses operate separately and all staff operates solely within their respective business.  


In 2004, we moved into our new office building.  This building has much more space and allows our veterinarians ample room to work.  The building features a nice front desk area where our office staff answers the phone, answers the radio, keeps the schedules straight, makes appointments, files paperwork, prepares laboratory results, takes orders for medicine, and keeps the doctors in line.  There is a large conference room where groups can gather.  There is a laboratory where we culture milk, do blood tests, and set up samples that are sent to referal laboratories like the New York State Diagnostic Center at Cornell and the New York State Quality Milk Production Service Laboratory.  The results of milk culturing done in our lab is available on this site for farms set up with passwords.  If you need a password for your farm, contact us at 518-692-7372.  If you would like to access your lab results, click here.   We also have a facility for doing surgery on ruminants.  This area has room for boarding small ruminants or calves as well as stocks for working on cows and a surgery table.  We have gas inhalation anesthesia available.   


While we have a nice office building with an area for caring for animals, most of our work is done on farm.  Battenkill Veterinary Bovine, PC provides service to dairy producers in several counties in New York , Vermont , and Massachusetts .  We also see a small amount of beef cattle, goats, sheep and pigs.   We offer routine medicine and surgery as well as emergency service.   Veterinarians on staff have special interests in milking system analysis and other quality milk programs, calf and heifer rearing systems, embryo transfer, computer support, ultrasound, and small ruminants.